• Insoles

Insoles or shoe warmers may be useful more often than you think. You can buy a pair of suitable kids shoes, and when colder days come, insulate them with appropriate shoe insole.

Depending on the model, the insoles are made of wool or fleece. With a properly selected model and size of the shoe, the toddler will feel at ease and comfortable in them. Shoe insoles can also be useful when your little one has a slim foot. Thanks to it, the shoes will stay better on the feet.

Insoles for "barefoot" kids shoes

The shoe insoles, which you can find at Bosa Stópka, will be suitable for our barefoot models of children's shoes. You will find here, among others Playshoes wellies insoles, Stonz Booties winter boots for children, or Tikki woolen insoles for children's shoes.

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