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Bosa Stópka offers kids sandals that are as close as possible to the feeling of walking barefoot. You will find both sandals for learning to walk, sandals for babies and sandals for children who walk and run. Summer is the perfect time to release our feet.

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Kids sandals are not only a fashionable addition to a toddler's wardrobe. Sandals that a child will wear on their feet sometimes for many hours a day, so they should be as light as possible and not restrict the foot. Below you will find just such children's sandals.

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!Flexible sole in barefoot shoes. See what it really looks like.

Kids sandals from individual manufacturers have different properties. Before we decide to buy specific children's sandals, let's consider what functions such footwear should fulfill and what features it should have. It is also worth taking into account the opinions of specialists, i.e. orthopedists and pediatricians.

The right kids sandals - which one to choose? In short

You should pay attention to the comfort of walking in shoes, especially in summer, when the foot may sweat and overheat. Barefoot children's sandals have been designed so that they do not restrict movements in any way. This is possible because children's barefoot sandals must meet certain requirements:

  • flexible sole
  • wide toe box
  • flat sole and insole
  • breathable
  • light

Minimalistic children's sandals do not have any stiffening in the ankles, heels and no applications, recesses or insets in the insole. They meet the assumptions developed for children's shoes by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Features of the best kids sandals

Bosa Stópka carefully selects the producers of sandals with whom it cooperates, so we know that sandals for children from our offer:

  • they fit the foot well
  • are light
  • they do not have a high heel
  • have a flexible sole
  • they are comfortable - children do not feel the need to take them off
  • do not restrain the feet
  • do not stiffen a child's ankles or heels
  • protect feet against abrasions and cuts
  • the breeze passes through them
  • are made of very good quality natural materials

We also do not forget about the visual impressions - we make sure that the shoes in our store are not only properly constructed, but also nice and fashionable. We know that children love colors, interesting patterns and pleasant-to-touch textures, and every parent wants their child to look their best.

You will find both sandals for learning to walk, sandals for babies and sandals for children who walk and run.
Among them:

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