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Summer baby shoes in Bosa Stópka are available in various forms. We have baby shoes for both hot summer days and slightly cooler summer weather. You will find here baby sandals, sock shoes for babies and leather shoes, which can also be slippers for children. Below we explain what exactly are the characteristics of summer baby shoes from Bosa Stópka.

Baby shoes can not be just what - they should meet certain requirements. First of all, baby shoes should be: very flexible, airy and light. In a word: they should be shoes that meet the requirements for barefoot shoes, and you can find them in this category.

Baby shoes offer for summer - Flexible baby shoes Bosa Stopka

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

According to specialists, the best shoes for babies are barefoot shoes, in which the toddler has full freedom of movement and feels almost like barefoot - podiatrists and pediatricians unanimously recommend barefoot shoes as the first, as well as any subsequent shoes.

Summer baby shoes, what should you pay attention to?

The summer baby shoes available in our store are characterized by very high flexibility - the child's feet can work freely in them, nothing restrains them. The sole of the shoes is thin, thanks to which the toddler naturally feels the ground - this is important for his proper motor development. Baby shoes are shaped to match the natural shape of the baby's feet, and this means that they are not pressured or deformed.

Most models of baby shoes have a non-slip sole, which provides the child with greater safety when learning to walk. Baby summer shoes are made of breathable certified materials, in which the child's feet do not sweat and overheat. The shoes have easy fasteners, thanks to which they can be quickly put on and just as quickly removed. Baby shoes are made with the utmost care, based on thoughtful designs. Beautiful colors and fantastic shoe designs will delight every baby!

Baby shoes are not a substitute for bare feet

Remember when the opportunity arises, it is good to take off your child's shoes - let the toddler enjoy the freedom as often as possible barefoot! Good baby shoes will be useful wherever you need to protect delicate little feet (e.g. against cuts or cold).

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