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The smallest children should enjoy the charms of being barefoot for as long as possible. However, if a toddler needs baby shoes, they should be properly selected. Otherwise, they may adversely affect the overall development of the baby's feet and posture. If you are facing the choice of baby shoes for your child, you've come to the right place.

First of all, baby shoes should be: light, airy and very flexible. In this category you will find spring baby shoes that will support the development of small feet.


Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

Spring baby shoes available in our store are shoes for a toddler who can not yet walk on his own, but is already crawling or trying to walk by holding on to the furniture. In spring, we spend more time outdoors with our children, so the toddler, although not yet walking, moves intensively during the first attempts to walk outside. It is extremely important that the child feels comfortable in his shoes on the playground or in the park - nothing should restrict his movements.

Barefoot baby shoes - recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists - the best choice for the first baby shoes

In this category you will find spring baby shoes in various forms. We have shoes for warm and dry days, but also for rainier ones. Most models are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Baby shoes from Bare Foot are perfect as crawling shoes, pram shoes and nursery slippers.

Baby barefoot shoes are shoes with a very thin and very flexible sole, thanks to which the toddler feels the ground and thus naturally develops the sensory functions of the feet. Baby spring shoes are made of soft, breathable materials, thanks to which the shoe adapts to the shape of the child's foot and the foot can work freely. Baby shoes from Bosa Stópka are very light - they do not burden the baby's delicate feet or legs. In barefoot baby booties, the child's motor development runs as nature intended it!

All baby shoes are made of special constructions made of safe, certified materials. They are easy to put on and take off.

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