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Baby winter shoes should meet several important determinants. It is obvious that they must be warm and protect the baby's feet from getting wet. Equally, baby shoes should give children full freedom of foot movements - they should not interfere with their development.

Winter shoes for babies available at Bosa Stópka are mainly flexible shoes with a soft uppers or comfortable pads to be put on classic leather slippers for babies or on socks. In this category, you will not find stiff shoes or shoes that excessively affect the comfort of your baby's feet.

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Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

Winter baby shoes available at Bosa Stópka are barefoot shoes that will give your kids maximum freedom similar to being barefoot, while protecting their delicate feet from cold, cold wind and moisture.

What kind of winter baby shoes to choose?

In this category you will find winter baby booties, which are: very flexible, very soft and very light. Most models have a non-slip sole and are waterproof. But if you need more protection against moisture, you can additionally use an impregnation for shoes - also available in our store. Baby shoes from Bosa Stópka will be perfect for a stroller and a carrier, for crawling in the snow and in the sandbox, as well as during the first attempts to walk.

Baby shoes available in our store are made of breathable materials that provide good insulation against the cold. Most models of shoes adapt to the shape of children's feet - they fit both normal, chubby, wide and narrow feet. Baby winter shoes do not have any stiffened elements, thanks to which nothing restricts the movements of the baby's feet. The shoes are light, so they do not burden the child's feet, legs, hips and spine.

Baby winter shoes have been constructed based on well-thought-out designs. They are put on and taken off very quickly. Some models of shoes are equipped with reflectors, thanks to which the toddler is better visible on dark, gloomy days and thus is more safe.

If you want to go out for winter walks with your toddler, while ensuring maximum comfort for his feet - choose shoes from our offer.

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