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Good children's shoes are a must for fall. The days are getting colder and wet, and we rarely have the opportunity to go barefoot. During this period, children spend a lot of time wearing shoes, so it is important to choose the right shoes for your child.

Fall children's shoes should protect against cuts, infections and cold. Autumn in Poland is often rainy, so it is also worth paying attention to the fact that the footwear protects delicate little feet from getting wet. If the shoes are not waterproof, you can protect them with a special impregnation - also available in our store. At the same time, children's shoes, despite their insulating properties, should be light and flexible. But can autumn boots still be barefoot? Of course! These are the very autumn children's shoes you can find in this category.

Baby shoes offer for autumn - Flexible baby shoes Bosa Stopka

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

In the AUTUMN category you will find barefoot or barefoot children's shoes in various styles: sports shoes, brogues and shoes with a higher upper, as well as elegant leather shoes. Most of the models are suitable both for wearing around the city, for autumn walks in parks and forests, as well as for fun at playgrounds.

Barefoot children's shoes - flexible, light and adapted to the shape of children's feet - are, according to pediatricians and orthopedists, the best choice for fall for small and large children.

Why is it worth choosing children's shoes for fall in Bosa Stópka?

Fall children's shoes available in our store, thanks to their flexibility, allow free work of children's feet. There are no stiffeners in the footwear, and in many models the sole bends in all directions, so that you can roll up the shoe almost like a sock. The design of children's shoes follows the anatomy of children's feet. Thanks to this, your children's feet can develop in a natural way - nothing squeezes them or deforms them.

At the same time, children's shoes from Bosa Stópka are made of high-quality materials based on well-thought-out designs. This makes them very well protected against cold and cuts. Many models have been reinforced in sensitive places, thanks to which the shoes can withstand even the greatest children's madness. High functionality, full freedom of movement and interesting design are our main criteria when choosing manufacturers of children's shoes.

Check it out - you will surely find shoes that your child will love!

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