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Children's summer shoes are available in our store in many different styles. We have children's shoes for both hot sunny days and slightly cooler summer weather. Below we suggest what distinguishes summer shoes for children from Bosa Stópka and what you can find in this category.

We offer barefoot shoes for children and a construction similar to barefoot. For summer you will find sandals (more and less built-up), as well as shoes that will be useful in cooler weather. At Bosa Stópka you can also find lightweight, modern non-slip Skinners socks, which (if necessary) can be rolled up and easily put into a pocket!

Specialists recommend barefoot shoes for children - in them the toddler feels almost like barefoot. These are the summer shoes for children you will find in Bosa Stópka.

Oferta butów dla dzieci na wiosnę 2021

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

Children's summer shoes, what should they be like?

In summer, the days are warm and mostly dry, so we spend more time in nature: in forests, parks and gardens. Whenever the opportunity arises, baby shoes will not be needed - let your toddler enjoy barefoot freedom! But wherever shoes are to protect delicate little feet (e.g. against cuts or against cold in bad weather), good children's shoes will be useful. They cannot be just any shoes. The best choice for summer is airy, light and flexible children's shoes.

Most of the kids summer shoes available in our store are distinguished by high flexibility, thanks to which the child's feet can work naturally. The soles are not only flexible, but also thin, thanks to which the toddler can easily feel the ground, and thus the child's motor development runs naturally.

Children's summer shoes are made of breathable materials - children's feet do not sweat and overheat in them. The shape of the footwear is adapted to the natural shape of children's feet, so nothing compresses or deforms the baby's delicate feet. Shoes for children from Bosa Stópka do not have stiffening, so they do not restrict the child's freedom. Easy fasteners make it possible for a toddler to put on and take off shoes by himself.

Children's summer shoes from Bosa Stópka will provide your kids with great comfort and freedom, regardless of whether they are just learning to walk or are already running and climbing trees. Made with the utmost care, based on well-thought-out designs, they can withstand even the greatest summer madness.

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