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Kids shoes - which one to choose? If you are just facing the choice of spring shoes for your child who is already running and jumping, we have a few tips for you.

During the spring fun outdoors, children move intensively: they not only run and jump, but also dance and climb trees. Shoes for children in spring, according to the idea of a bare foot, should be: light, airy and flexible.

In this category you will find elastic spring shoes for children, which are available in various styles, perfect for warm and wet days. You can choose from many models of sports shoes, children's sandals, sandals and slippers at the same time (2in1) and elegant leather shoes. Among them are children's shoes that are suitable not only for spring, but also for fall.

We offer barefoot shoes for children (or with a construction similar to barefoot) - recommended by specialists.

Spring 2021 Children's Shoes Offer

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

Spring children's shoes, what should they be?

Children's spring shoes from Bosa Stópka are made of breathable materials, often ecological and even vegan. All spring shoes for children are based on well-thought-out constructions. The shoes are reinforced in sensitive places - thanks to which they withstand the hardships of being spring children's shoes. Some of the models are handmade. Comfortable fasteners, no tongue or elastic laces are solutions that make it easier for children to put on shoes on their own.

Children's barefoot shoes are shoes with a thin and flexible sole that allows you to feel the unevenness of the ground and develop the sensory functions of the foot. Thanks to this, the child's motor development runs as planned by nature. The shape of spring shoes for children is adapted to children's feet. The weight of the shoes is small, so the shoes do not burden the toddler's feet, legs, hips or spine.

We carefully select the manufacturers of shoes available in our store. We care not only about the good construction of children's shoes, but also that they will please your eyes with fantastic colors and patterns.

Anyway - see for yourself!

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