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Children's shoes for winter should be selected according to several important determinants. First of all, they must be warm and protect the child's feet from getting wet. But at the same time, they should allow the little ones to move freely and not burden their feet.

Of course, you have to reckon with the fact that winter shoes will not be as flexible as summer shoes, but at Bose Stópka we carefully select manufacturers of children's shoes, regardless of the season, we always choose those who care about the freedom of children's feet. You can be sure that children's winter boots from Bosa Stópka will guarantee your kids as much freedom as possible.

buty dla dzieci zimowe, elastyczne buciki dla niemowląt

Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

In the winter category, you will find children's shoes in various styles: winter boots for children with a higher upper, shoes with a more sporty cut or elegant leather shoes.

Barefoot children's boots for winter, is it possible?

Most of the children's shoes in the winter section have a very flexible sole and are made of breathable and waterproof materials that also provide good insulation against the cold. Many models also feature additional internal insulation - natural or synthetic wool. The design of the shoes corresponds to the shape of the physiognomy of children's feet. Children's shoes for winter do not have stiffened elements, and the inserts are smooth - without unnecessary profiling. The shoes, although they are winter footwear, are still very light, so they do not burden the child's feet, legs or spine.

Simple fasteners in children's shoes for winter (most often in the form of Velcro) make it easy for a toddler to put on and take off shoes on his own. Thanks to solutions such as the presence of two inserts that can be used interchangeably - insulated and non-insulated - some models of children's shoes for winter are also perfect for autumn days. In flexible and soft winter shoes, such as children's shoes from Bosa Stópka, little ones can run and jump comfortably in winter.

Give your child not only warmth in winter, but also barefoot freedom!

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