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Spring shoes for learning to walk should meet the requirements developed by pediatricians and podiatrists. Below you will find a few tips on what shoes for the first steps should be. We also explain what you will find in more detail in this store category.

Spring shoes for learning to walk available in our store are barefoot shoes or a construction similar to barefoot - these are shoes in which a toddler feels almost like barefoot.

In the spring category you will find spring shoes for learning to walk in various styles, including: children's sandals, leather shoes, shoes and slippers at the same time (2 in 1).


Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!why barefoot?

It is extremely important that your little one wears good walking shoes when taking their first steps outdoors. Spring shoes for learning to walk should be above all: very flexible, very light and made of soft, breathable materials. These are criteria developed by specialists - we hold to them firmly when selecting the manufacturers of shoes available in our store.

Barefoot spring shoes for learning to walk are shoes with an extremely flexible and very thin sole, in which the child can move freely and feel the unevenness of the ground, thus developing the sensory functions of the feet. In such shoes, the toddler's motor growth runs properly - in a natural way. The shape of spring shoes for learning to walk corresponds to the shape of children's feet - small, delicate feet feel fully comfortable in them. Walking shoes are very light, as children's shoes should never burden a toddler's legs, hips or spine.

Spring walking shoes available in Bosa Stópka were created on the basis of well-thought-out designs: from breathable materials, often ecological, completely safe for children. Some of the models were made by hand, with attention to every detail. The shoes are distinguished by the ease of putting on and taking off, thanks to elastic laces, Velcro fastenings, or the lack of a tongue in the shoes. Spring walking shoes are available not only in many models, but also in many unusual colors and with various fabulous applications.

Choose baby shoes for learning to walk for your little one and enjoy the beauty of spring together!

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