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Kids slippers are needed wherever a child cannot go barefoot. Slippers will protect the child's feet from the cold and protect them from possible cuts. Kids slippers will be especially useful in the autumn and winter period at home. You also need to equip the baby with slippers for kindergarten. But in Bosa Stópka slippers, the little ones can also walk outside - on dry and warm days.

In this category you will find leather slippers - durable and flexible, slippers-sandals that can be used as outdoor shoes for children in summer, as well as soft cotton slippers, which in terms of breathability give the feet maximum comfort.

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Kindergarten slippers - what would be comfortable?

Toddlers spend a lot of time in kids slippers. It is a type of footwear that is used both as slippers for kindergarten and for walking around the house. So, slippers have as much effect on a child's feet as normal shoes.

Kids slippers should meet the requirements developed by podiatrists and pediatricians - they cannot be the first better slippers for children. Good children's slippers should, above all, be: light, very flexible, shaped to fit the shape of children's feet and made of breathable materials. All these features have barefoot children's slippers.

Kids slippers should not restrict foot movements, they must allow for their full and free movement. Therefore, it is important that the slippers are highly flexible and the sole is thin, thanks to which the toddler can feel the ground. It is also worth paying attention to the non-slip soles of the slippers - thanks to it, the child has greater stability on unsafe ground and during crazy games.

Slippers for children available at Bosa Stópka have all of the above features. These are children's slippers in accordance with the guidelines developed by scientists. At the same time, our children's slippers protect the feet well against cold, cuts and slipping.

Kids slippers available in Bosa Stópka were constructed on the basis of well-thought-out designs. Not only do they properly protect the child's feet, giving them complete freedom, but also tolerate the hardships of being children's slippers. Many models have been specially reinforced in sensitive areas. The design of children's slippers is also very simple - they can be easily put on and taken off quickly.

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