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General conditions

The publisher of the Gift Vouchers is Bosa Stópka Agnieszka Bernas-Knoll, registered in Gliwice at ul. Jaworowa 2/2, NIP 6312467082.

A gift voucher is a gift voucher issued to the bearer, authorizing the User to redeem it in the online store operated by the Publisher at www.bosastopka.pl.

The buyer is a person who receives a Gift Voucher from the Publisher in exchange for the transfer of funds.

The user is the holder of the Gift Voucher each time.

The discount code is a unique code which, when used during shopping, lowers the value of the receivable in accordance with the value of the Voucher by PLN50, 100 or 200,respectively.

The goods are products offered for sale in the Bosa Stópka online store.

I. Purchase and redemption of Gift Vouchers

  1. Gift Vouchers can be purchased by placing an on-line order in the online store Bosa Stópka (www.bosastopka.pl) or by paying in person(in cash or by card) in a warehouse located in Gliwice, Zawiszy Czarnego 22.
  2. ​Gift vouchers are available as standard in three denominations (100 zł, 200 zł, 300 zł), the value of the Gift Voucher is expressed in PLN and is consistent with the denomination indicated on it.
  3. The purchase of a Gift Voucher via the online store should be paid for by a traditional transfer.
  4. Each Gift Voucher has a unique discount code, the value of which corresponds to the nominal value of the Voucher, at the time of purchasing the Buyer Voucher, an email with the Discount Code is additionally sent as security in the event of the physical loss of the Gift Voucher.
  5. The Buyer acknowledges that the Gift Certificate:
  • It can be redeemed only in the Bosa Stópka online store or during purchases with personal collection in the store's warehouse.
  • The Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or in part and cannot be returned to the Publisher.
  • A possible replacement of the product purchased with the funds on the Gift Voucher is possible within 14 days, on the basis of a purchase receipt. In case of exchange for goods of a lower value, you will not be entitled to receive the change in cash.
  • The Publisher is not responsible for any Gift Vouchers that have been lost or damaged after they have been handed over to the Buyer.
  • Bosa Stopka has the right to refuse to redeem the Gift Certificate in case the discount code written on it cannot be read.
  • It is the responsibility of the Buyer and the User to protect against copying the unique Discount Code,which is on the Gift Voucher and in the e-mail message received on the day of purchasing the Voucher.
  • The Buyer and the User shall not been titled to any claims against the Publisher for the loss (including theft), destruction of the Gift Voucher or loss of the e-mail with the rebate code, or unauthorized use of the Gift Voucher by third parties who come into possession of the Rebate Code.
  • The Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed after its expiry date.

II. Gift Voucher expiration date

  1. The Gift Certificate is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase.
  2. The period of validity of the Gift Voucher cannot be extended.

III. Gift voucher payments

  1. The Gift Voucher authorizes you to purchase goods in the Bosa Stópka online store at www.bosastopka.pl.
  2. To redeem a Gift Voucher during shopping, enter a unique Discount Code in the appropriate place, or present it to the store staff when shopping on the spot.
  3. When the value of the purchased goods is higher than the current nominal value of the Gift Voucher,the user is obliged to pay the price difference by bank transfer if he purchases on-line, or in cash or by payment card if he makes a purchase in person.
  4. When redeeming a Gift Voucher, the User is not entitled to receive the rest in cash, if the value of the goods received is lower than the current nominal value of the Gift Voucher.
  5. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to redeem the Gift Voucher in the event of its expiry date.
  6. The Gift Certificate cannot be combined with other discounts.

IV. Other

  1. The Bosa Stópka Gift Voucher is a form of a gift voucher and is not an electronic payment instrument, it is not an electronic money instrument, it is not a payment card in the meaning of applicable law.
  2. The issue of a Gift Voucher to the Customer does not constitute a sales ubject to tax on good sand services within the meaning of the relevant tax regulations. Upon a request made by e-mail or by phone on the day of purchase of the Gift Voucher, the Buyer may receive a written receipt from the Publisher, which shall not be a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice, as proof of the payment made by the issuer.
  3. The Purchaser, by depositing funds and collecting the Gift Voucher, declares that he has read these regulations, understands their content, raises no objections and undertakes to comply with them.
  4. If the Purchaser provides the Gift Voucher to the User, the Purchaser undertakes to inform the User about the content of these Regulations and about the possibility to read them on the website www.bosastopka.pl.
  5. Any complaints related to the Gift Vouchers will be considered by the Exhibitor in writing within 30 days from the date of submission of the written complaint by the Buyer.
  6. The Publisher reserves the right to change the Regulations. All changes are effective from the date of their introduction by the Publisher, after the amended Regulations are available for viewing on the website of the store www.bosastopka.pl.

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