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Where does this child have… shoes? So how did it start?

Stealthy glances at Karol crawling in thick socks on the playground or barefoot on the grass and sand. And questions - where does he have shoes? ;) This was the case in spring 2016 during my son' s first "independent" walks. Even before it was necessary to choose the firsts hoes for a child, I was handed Attipas. Later, each " first" shoe gave me the impression of something that would trap my son’ s mobile feet. So I started to explore the topic of children’s shoes, while he crawled in Attipas, thick socks or barefoot, on the playground, grass, sand.

Tight and inflexible children’s shoes, and the need for freedom

PFor the first time I came across a barefoot shoe store in Prague. It turned out that our southern neighbors are popular to be guided by freedom of movement when choosing footwear. The same applies to children’s shoes - shoes that support the natural development of the feet are popular. This turned out to be the answer to our search for the right shoes. I decided that it is worth bringing such footwear to Poland. Parental intuition told me then that barefoot footwear would be the answer to the needs of the youngest children and the concerns of their parents.

bosa stópka misja chodzenie boso buty dziecięce Barefoot

From barefoot children’s shoes to barefoot walking

As my son grew, I got to know new brands of children’s shoes, which was also how Bosa Stópka developed at the beginning. When Magda joined me, we started to broaden our knowledge of the health benefits of barefoot walking.

buty dziecięce Barefoot chodzenie boso

A new approach

What started with parental intuition took ona distinct shape after subsequent readings. The material in Polish is in short supply. Foreign publications provide knowledge about the physiology of children' s feet in the first years of life and recommendations for footwear for children. We realized that Bosa Stópka is necessarily involved in a certain change of approach, and at the same time he is one of the precursors in Poland. The test results clearly recommend soft footwear, and discourage any stiffening or "prophylactic" elements. This is a matter of recent decades, but this knowledge is not common in Poland.

The mission of Bosa Stópka - sharing knowledge and developing the barefoot idea in Poland and in the world.

Bosa Stópka is one of the first stores in Poland that offers children’s shoes that support the physiology of the feet. Customers ask for stiffeners, profiled inserts or other prophylactic elements. We need to know how to explain why they won’t find it in our shoes. It was the conversations with clients that caused the need to acquire and spread knowledge about foot health. Footwear is an essential element of your wardrobe. We share our knowledge so that parents pay attention to the right choice of shoes for their children and for themselves. Our priority is to create natural conditions for the development of children’s feet. We want to provide our clients with more and more professional knowledge about barefoot shoes, but also about the physical development of a child in general. We promote the freedom and natural development of children’s feet.

What is closest to nature? Barefoot walking that we promote… as a shoe shop.

Barefoot shoes for children in Bosa Stópka

buty dziecięce Barefoot jak chodzenie boso

Our store is constantly developing and tries to provide its small customers with a full range of shoes for every stage of development and every type of foot. We are constantly expanding our range and looking for new producers. We also try to offer larger and larger sizes so that our customers can wear barefoot shoes not only at the beginning of their journey through life. While talking to you, we want to provide more and more professional knowledge about barefoot shoes, but also about the physical development of a child in general . We know that children should learn to walk at their own pace, shape their sense of balance, strengthen muscles, exercise orientation in space, perceive different stimuli.

We are not saying that in barefoot shoes children will start to walk faster, better, further, that they will never trip or slip. We cannot guarantee that they will not feel pebbles sticking into their feet, and their feet will never be cold or wet. All these experiences are important for the child’s sustainable development. Therefore, let us take care of the healthy and natural development of children’s feet, let them walk barefoot whenever possible. And when not - let's choose them shoes that are compatible with physiology and natural development.