• Loyalty program Terms & Conditions




§ 1.


  1. These regulations (here in after referred to as the "Loyalty Program Regulations") define the rules of joining and the rights and obligations related to participation in the Loyalty Program (here in after the "Program"), including the principles of collecting Loyalty Points (here in after "Points") when making purchases through the store online BOSASTOPKA.PL (here in after the "Store") and the rules for using Points to make purchases at lower prices through the Store.
  2. The organizer and administrator of the personal data of Program participants and the owner of the Store is the company BOSA STÓPKA AGNIESZKA BERNAS-KNOLL entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland kept by the minister responsible for economy, having: address of the place of business, Jaworowa 2/2, 44-100 Gliwice and the delivery address: ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 22, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland, tax identification number: 6312467082, national economy register (REGON) number 146465438, e-mail address: sklep@bosastopka.pl, telephone number: 535315019.
  3. By placing an order for the products offered by the Store, the Program Participant (here in after the "Participant") declares that he has read and fully accepts the provisions of the Store Regulations (here in after "Store Regulations") and the Loyalty Program Regulations - available at www.bosastopka.pl, and undertakes to comply with them.

§ 2.


  1. Participants are persons who have an account in the Store (here in after "Account"), i.e. have a password and e-mail address provided when registering to the Program, enabling logging in to an account in the Store and who have met the conditions set out in these Regulations entitling to receive Points.
  2. The Participant is responsible for actions or omissions in the scope of obligations arising from participation in the Program.

§ 3.


  1. Subject to§3 section 4, the Participant is entitled to receive Points for purchases made in the Store, on the terms set out in these Loyalty Program Regulations, provided that they log into their Account each time when placing an order.
  2. A participant who meets the condition referred to in subpara 1, shall be credited with the number of Points resulting from the Point Convertor (here in after "Points Convertor"), which specifies that for each PLN1 spent, the Promotion Participant receives 3 points on his Customer Account. To reduce the value of the order by PLN 1, the customer must use 40 points. This means that when spending e.g. PLN 1,000 gross The participant receives 3,000 points. 3,000 points accumulated on the Customer's Account entitles to a specific discount of PLN 75 gross, in accordance with the Points Convertor. Points may be used by the Participant to lower the value of goods during the next order, but the value of the goods after the reduction may not be less than PLN 1 gross.
  3. Points are credited to the balance visible in the Account 30 days from the date of the order when the order becomes “Completed”. The terms of order fulfillment are specified in the Store Regulations.
  4. The Balance of Points may also be increased by the Store by crediting the Account with further Points in accordance with the rules set out by the Store on the Store's websites, e.g. as a result of a promotion or Store's recommendation resulting in placing an order in the Store by an entity that has never used the Store 's services.
  5. The Store reserves the right to reduce the number of Points credited to the Account (cancellation of awarded Points) at any time by the value of products converted into Points in accordance with the Point Converter and the Store's Regulations, in the event that the order has been canceled, missed by the addressee or returned.
  6. The Store has the right to verify the correctness of calculating and crediting the Account with Points. By verifying the correctness of calculating and crediting the Account with Points, the Store may adjust the Points Balance.
  7. The point balance maybe lower than zero if the Participant used the available Points before the Store exercised the right referred to in §3.
  8. Each Participant receives information about the current balance of points after logging into the Account.
  9. The Participant maybe informed about the award of Points and the point balance by correspondence sent to the e-mail address provided in the order form or on the Account.
  10. The Program Regulations come into force on October 6, 2018.

§ 4.


  1. Only the Participant is entitled to use the Points.
  2. The Store is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person, as well as for providing incomplete or false data by the Participant.
  3. Points can be used as an amount discount only on goods and it cannot lower the value of goods below PLN 1 gross.
  4. In order to use the Points in the manner referred to in §4 (3), the Participant, after logging in to the Account, should select the appropriate option in the payment section when placing an order in the Store. The balance of the recognized Points on the Account is automatically reduced by the number of Points used by the Participant in the manner referred to in §4.
  5. In the case of an order for an amount higher than the value of the Points held by the Participant,the remaining difference should be settled with another payment method available in the Store.
  6. The Balance of Points in the Account is calculated by subtracting the total of Points used from the total of Points credited to the Account.
  7. The number of Points used as an amount discount when ordering is not subject to further modification and cannot be changed for a given order.
  8. Points cannot be exchanged for cash or any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary benefit, and it is not possible to pay the Product equivalent for Points in anyway.

§ 5.


  1. The Product for Points is issued as if the Participant purchased it outside the Program.
  2. The Store carries out orders for Products for Points on time and on conditions as if the Participant purchased it outside the Program, and therefore on the principles generally applicable in the Store, in accordance with the Store Regulations.

§ 6.


  1. The Store accepts returns of Products purchased for Points - on time and on conditions as if the Participant had purchased it in the Store outside the Program.
  2. Acceptance of the return of the goods by the Store results in the crediting of Points to the Account in the amount used by the Participant for the purchase of the returned goods. Points used by the Participant are restored to the Participant after the Store has successfully accepted the return of the goods ordered from the Customer's Account.

§ 7.


  1. Products for Points awarded to Participants are subject to taxation under general rules.
  2. In the event that the one-time value of the Product for Points exceeds the tax-exempt amount, the Store may make the release of this product dependent on the payment of the amount of tax due by the Participant or award an additional cash prize in the amount covering the tax liability.

§ 8.


  1. All complaints related to the functioning of the Loyalty Program, with the exception of complaints regarding the sale of commercial goods and services of the Store, should be made in writing on paper or in electronic form and reported to the Store immediately after the occurrence of grounds for submitting such a complaint.
  2. The Store considers the complaint within 14 days from the date of its notification to the Store.

§ 9.


  1. The Store processes the Participants' personal data to the extentand in the manner referred to in the Store Regulations.
  2. The Participant's consent to the processing of his personal data is necessary to participate in the Loyalty Program.

§ 10.


  1. The Regulations are available to every Participant.
  2. The Store reserves the right to change the Loyalty Program Regulations at any time without terminating the Program. The updated Regulations of the Loyalty Program will be published in the Store and enter into force on the date of its announcement.
  3. Subject to the provisions of the Loyalty Program Regulations, its modification does not infringe the acquired rights of the Participants.
  4. The duration of the Program is indefinite.
  5. The Store may terminate the Program at any time, after placing an advertisement in the Store, and indicating the end date of the Program.
  6. In the event of the announced end of the Program, the Participant will be entitled to use the accumulated Points within 30 days from the date of the announcement. After this date, the Points shall expire and do not entitle to any use of them, in accordance with the provisions of §4 section
  7. In matters not covered by these Loyalty Program Regulations,the provisions of the Store Regulations and the Civil Code shall apply.
  8. Points are calculated and recognized for orders placed in the Store after August 7, 2016.
  9. The Regulations enter into force on October 6, 2018.