• Points for purchases


Do you often buy children's shoes? Collect points and exchange them for discounts!

If you buy children's shoes from us regularly, you will love this program! Meet the Loyalty Program,which will allow you to reduce expenses on barefoot shoes for a child or toddler.

If you buy regularly at Bosa Stópka store, you get bare points for each purchase. You can exchange points for discounts on your next purchases. In this way,your child can always wear barefoot shoes - light and flexible. And nothing will prevent her from freely playing and exploring the world!

Do you want to take advantage of the Loyalty Program?

3 SIMPLE STEPS are enough:

  • Register at Bosa Stópka
  • Collect points that affect your account after each purchase.
  • When placing another order, enter the number of points collected or select "convert points", the price for the shoes will be lower.

Each PLN spent in the store (for children's shoes or other products) is 3 points for the user. 40 points is a PLN 1 discount for subsequent purchases. The value of the products in the order, after a reduction, may not be less than PLN1 gross. Points can not be used to pay for the amount due for shipment. Join the Program today and buy baby shoes cheaper!


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take advantage of the Program?

Anyone who opens anaccount at Bosa Stópka store can use the "Barefoot steps" Loyalty Program. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address, set your login, password and it' s ready!

How does the point converter work?

As part of the Loyalty Program, each PLN spent in the store is 3 points for you.

1 PLN = 3 points

40 points = PLN 1 discount (added to subsequent purchases).

How is the discount calculated in practice?

If you spent PLN1000 at Bosa Stópka store, you get 3000 points. And this gives you a discount of PLN 60 gross for your next order.

3000 points: 40 = PLN 75.00

How to use the collected points?

When placing your next order, just enter the number of points you want to use and the system will automatically calculate the discount.

When will the points be credited to my account?

The points will appear in your account 30 days after ordering. This avoids confusion in exchanges and returns.

I have placed an order and the amount to be paid is lower than the points value on my account - what then?

In that case, you can also use your points. The discount will be applied automatically - the value of your order will be reduced by the appropriate amount. However,the value of the product safter the reduction may not be less than PLN 1 gross.

Do you want to know more? Read the Loyalty Program.

Do you have further questions?