• Shoe cosmetics

All shoes require care, especially in winter. Here we are helped by shoe impregnations, but it is also worth remembering about other preparations that can extend the life of our shoes. Shoes for children and adults are exposed to many negative factors: moisture, mechanical damage, dirt. You should take care of their cleanliness and do not forget to impregnate them regularly. However, in order to add shine to the footwear or refresh an unpleasant smell, it is worth choosing the right, natural cosmetics for footwear care.

Natural shoe care

In Bosa Stopka, we offer shoe care cosmetics of Polish production. Preparations of the Kaps company ensure proper footwear care, and at the same time are a neutral environment. In Bose Stópka, not only shoe impregnations are available, but also a preparation for refreshing footwear, a balm for the care of natural and synthetic leather and cleaning liquids. Kaps shoe care cosmetics are packed in convenient bottles with 200 ml dispensers.

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