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Baby shoes are shoes for a toddler who cannot yet walk independently, but crawls, stands or walks next to furniture. It is in this category that you will find shoes suitable for the delicate feet of the youngest children.

Bosa Stópka carefully selects the producers of shoes with whom it cooperates.We know that baby shoes from our offer:

  • allow the child's feet to work in all directions, thanks to which they train their agility,
  • they are adapted to the anatomy of babies feet - appropriately narrow at the heel level and wide enough at the height of the toes, they do not compress the ankles and other parts of the feet,
  • have extremely flexible soles and are suitably light.

Most of the shoes available in our store are made of certified, natural materials that are safe for babies.

Baby shoes for every season

At Bosa Stópka you will find baby shoes for every season of the year and slippers for children, in which the toddler will be able to freely explore the house. Thanks to the fact that the baby shoes from our offer are extremely flexible and soft, they are also suitable for children who are already starting to walk. Once your child takes steps more confidently and the foot size remains the same, it will not be necessary to replace the shoes.

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Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!First shoes? See how to choose the right shoes for your baby.

When to wear baby shoes?

Baby shoes should be put on only when we want to protect little feet from excessive cold or cuts. However, we should remember to leave bare feet instead of shoes as often as possible.

What kind of baby shoes to choose?

Barefoot baby shoes have been designed so that the toddler feels in them just like when he is barefoot.This makes his movements unrestricted. This is possible because the "barefoot" shoes must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • flexible sole
  • wide toe box
  • flat sole and insole
  • breathable
  • light

Minimalist shoes for a toddler do not have any stiffening in the ankles, heels and no applications, recesses or inserts in the insole. They meet the assumptions developed for children's shoes by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why are flexible baby shoes so important?

An infant's foot is very delicate, mainly made of cartilage. That's why it's so important that your little one spends their time barefoot whenever possible.

  • When a toddler starts to put his feet on the ground, they receive a lot of new stimuli. Thanks to this, new neural connections are formed in the brain.
  • Babies like when their feet are unrestricted - they can move them in all directions, touch them, put them in their mouths :) Thanks to this they get to know their body.

Only the best barefoot baby shoes manufacturers

Bosa Stópka cooperates with proven and popular producers of baby shoes, including: Ekotuptusie, Tikki, Bobux, and is constantly looking for new producers of high-quality shoes.

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