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The perfect shoes for children is no shoes.


Choosing the right children's shoes are a real problem! First of all, they should be light and flexible, but the most important thing is to adjust them properly so that the foot has enough space and does not deform. We may think that we are choosing the right shoes for a child. But unfortunately, the appearance of the shoes, although it may be important, is often the main determinant, and this is a mistake.

At the Bosa Stópka store you will find shoes designed according to the latest knowledge about the structure of the feet and the needs of a child. Our offer includes flexible shoes for children, shoes for toddlers for learning to walk and babies. These are children’s shoes that feel as close as possible to walking barefoot. In short, we do what we can to make children's shoes available in our store as light and flexible as possible with correct shape. Despite great efforts, it is impossible to produce a shoes that will be perfect for every feet, so their proper fit is crucial. Barefoot children's shoes limit the foot as little as possible so as not to disturb its proper development.

By purchasing shoes for your child in our store, you support the development of the barefoot concept. Thanks!

Remember: No children's shoes can replace barefoot walking. Take your shoes off as often as possible and your feet will love it ;)

Flexible barefoot kids shoes - what does it mean?


Barefoot children's shoes are children's shoes that allow the feet to work naturally and properly shape the muscles, tendons and skeleton - just like when barefoot. The low weight and special construction of the shoe, as well as the thin, flexible and durable sole ensure that they do not burden children 's feet, legs, hips or spine in anyway. Barefoot shoes, with all their lightness and flexibility, adequately protect small feet against cuts, moisture and cold. At the same time, they are also durable.

Flexible shoes for children are recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists. The barefoot concept has become a global trend and is gaining more and more supporters also in Poland. Bosa Stópka is not only the largest store with barefoot shoes for children in Poland. It is a place that aims to promote the barefoot concept and educate about the conscious choice of footwear. We carefully select manufacturers of children's shoes so that our offer is as flexible as possible. Most of the children’s shoes in our offer meet the main guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the recommendations in an article by Pediatrics & Child Health, (US National Institute of Health website).