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When choosing shoes for a school for a child, let's follow the same criteria as when choosing shoes for a kindergarten - children's shoes should always be as flexible, light, breathable and fit the shape of children's feet as possible. So barefoot shoes are the best choice. In addition, let's focus on endurance - the bigger the child, the more he can do, so he will probably use the footwear more intensively. Barefoot school shoes will allow children's feet to develop properly - children's feet grow up to 18 years of age, and sometimes even longer. In them, the child will also feel comfortable throughout a long day - both while sitting on the school bench and during races in the corridor.

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Kids school shoes - why is choosing the right one so important?

Currently, the most popular school shoes are children's sneakers. Parents very often choose just such footwear for their children. Sneakers are generally considered the most comfortable, but unfortunately this is not true.

Children's sneakers have many disadvantages and are not suitable for school shoes.

The biggest disadvantages of sneakers are primarily:

  • Inflexibility
    Although the sole on children's sneakers bends easily, the flexion line follows the natural flexion of the metatarsus. This leads to an abnormal foot flexion angle.
  • Non-breathing
    A tight binding prevents air from entering the inside of the shoe (especially when the shoe reaches above the ankle). Thick plastic or rubber sole also contributes to increased sweating and heat production.
  • Heel extension
    Very often in children's sneakers there is also an elevation at the heel level. This shortens the fascia of the foot by contracting the foot and reducing the distance between the metatarsus and the heel. In addition, if the heel is raised - the lateral edge of the foot is deprived of its natural function - it is not a point of support. Such a system destabilizes a child's growing feet and leads to posture disorders.

So let's not choose sneakers as school shoes - they are a serious threat to children's developing feet.

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