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Here you will find suitable shoes for children who have already mastered the technique of walking. Bosa Stópka carefully selects the manufacturers of kids shoes with whom it cooperates, so we know that children's shoes from our offer:

  • allow the child's feet to work in all directions, thanks to which they train their agility
  • they are adapted to the anatomy of babies feet - appropriately narrow at the heel level and wide enough at the height of the toes, they do not compress the ankles and other parts of the feet
  • have extremely flexible soles and are suitably light

In addition, our barefoot kids shoes are made of certified materials intended for children, and most often it is natural leather.

Kids shoes for every season

In Bosa Stópka we have flexible shoes for children for every season. Your child will be able to freely walk on the beach, in the forest, play in the snow or on the playground, without worrying about the fact that he has inappropriate shoes! You will also find slippers for children, in which the toddler will be able to freely explore the house or the nursery :)

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Measure childs foot well before buying shoes for kids!Elastic sole? See what it REALLY looks like. We say no to stiff soles

Only the best barefoot shoe manufacturers for kids

Bosa Stópka cooperates with proven and popular manufacturers of shoes for children: Feelmax, Attipas, Bobux, Obex, Baby Bare Shoes, Boty Beda, Magical Shoes, Tikki, Ekotuptusie, Feelmax and we are constantly looking for new manufacturers of high quality kids shoes.

Kids shoes with flexible sole and construction.Why? Dlaczego?

Children's shoes must give the foot freedom.

The feet affect the knees, hips, loins, spine. Walking barefoot helps the foot develop properly - it keeps its natural shape, and its muscles are strong and stable both when standing and running. Walking barefoot is great training for a child - it develops good finger grip and muscle strength. The entire motor apparatus is developed, without overload and adequately to the child's weight. That’s why it is so important for children to spend their time barefoot whenever possible.

How well to choose shoes for a child? In short

While barefoot walking is the best option, it is not always possible, as it is essential to properly protect your feet from cold, wetness and cuts. A child cannot do without shoes completely. You will need children's shoes for winter and autumn, children's sandals for walking on hot sand or asphalt, as well as children's slippers, in which the toddler will be able to safely spend time in the kindergarten. Children's shoes should be adapted to the weather conditions and the type of child's activity, and should not interfere with the child's natural development. The proper development of children's feet is largely a matter of informed purchasing decisions. Let's not forget about it also when we buy shoes for older children.

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