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The right choice of kids slippers is just as important as the shoes. Our slippers for children, in addition to being barefoot, will also work outside! Both in kindergarten and at home, kids slippers are designed to protect the little ones from cold, slipping and other dangers. Children spend a lot of time wearing slippers, not only at home.

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Kids slippers of the best barefoot producers

Bosa Stópka cooperates with proven and popular producers of shoes and slippers for children, such as: Attipas, Bobux, Obex, Baby Bare Shoes, Magical Shoes, Tikki, Ekotuptusie, and we are constantly looking for new producers of slippers for children and toddlers that will meet the bare requirements;)

The perfect slippers for kindergarten? Meet the barefoot slippers for children

Bosa Stópka selects producers of slippers for children, with whom he works, so we know that children's slippers from Bosa Stópka are perfect as slippers for kindergarten, home and outdoors. Slippers for children available at Bosa Stópka are designed so that the toddler feels in them just like when he is barefoot. His movements are not limited by anything. Children's barefoot slippers must meet certain requirements:

  • are flexible in every direction - enough to make the child feel like they are walking barefoot
  • have a sole as thin as possible so that the child can feel sensory stimuli from the environment
  • they are light, so as not to burden or restrict foot work
  • they are "breathable" and made of natural materials (slippers for children available in Bosa Stópka are made of materials safe for children)
  • non-slip, adequately to the surface on which they are to be used

How to choose kids slippers well? In short

Choosing slippers for children is not that easy. When choosing, make sure that children's slippers provide the little ones with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Kids slippersshould not:

  • be too small - it is very unfavorable for the development and growth of small feet
  • be too big - the child may slide in them and the feet are exposed to unnatural overload
  • be too heavy - the toddler feels uncomfortable in them, and his feet and even legs have limited freedom
  • be stiff - it interferes with the proper and natural development of the feet (more information on this subject in our knowledge base)
  • restrain feet
  • cushion the heels - human feet do not need cushioning, they strengthen according to body weight, and the entire movement apparatus is the least loaded when a person walks barefoot, so the child should shape his feet naturally - without any aids
  • have profiled insoles - all children (both those who start to walk and those who take their first steps on their own) have flat feet
  • disrupt the development of bones, muscles, cartilage and joints of small feet, and thus the entire posture and gait

Minimalist shoes for a toddler do not have any stiffening in the ankles, heels and no applications, recesses or inserts in the insole. They meet the assumptions developed for children's shoes by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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