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In the store Bosa Stopka you will find children's shoes from different manufacturers, in many styles and colors. But one thing they have in common - they are friendly for children's feet.

Ours selection of manufacturers - offers from the best!

We carefully select the brands with which we cooperate. Among them there are producers with many years of experience, as well as brands fresh on the market. From small Polish companies which sew footwear by hand, to large foreign companies. Some of them have already managed to obtain certificates awarded to the best footwear manufacturers.

Shoes friendly to proper foot development

In our offer we mainly choose shoes for children typically barefoot. But in the store you can also find other footwear. At the same time, we always try to choose models that have the least possible impact on growing children's feet. Child-friendly shoes - that's our maxim.

Only barefoot shoes for children

Children's barefoot shoes, which we offer in our store, are recommended by more and more orthopedists and physiotherapists. Barefoot shoes, otherwise known as barefoot shoes, are light, breathable, shaped to the shape of a child's feet, constructed with the use of possibly safe and flexible materials. Children feel in them almost as if they were barefoot.

We take care of a large selection of shoes. The offer is constantly evolving!

We try to ensure that the store offers children's shoes for different occasions and for different needs. For each type of foot: slim, chubby, with high or low instep. And for every stage of a child's development: baby shoes, shoes for first steps, slippers for toddlers and shoes for older children. You can find children's winter shoes, as well as shoes for the summer, wellingtons and even water shoes.

We are constantly expanding the range of manufacturers and our assortment. We also try to offer larger and larger sizes, so that our customers can wear comfortable shoes not only at the beginning of their life path. The store also offers shoes for adults, which do not press and do not strain the feet. Check it out for yourself.